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1966 Kawasaki W1 650 For Sale

Jan, 2013

Make: Kawasaki
Model: W1 650
Year: 1966
Miles: 1180

This is a special bike. With serial number 000146, there aren't many older W1's on the planet. To boot, it's got 1180 original miles (plus a few test laps around my neighborhood) making it one of the least used. Even the original tires are in decent shape. It would be a great candidate for restoration. I've only cleaned it up a bit and got it running in the few years I've owned it. I must say, it runs great. The previous owner never registered it and claims he never had the title. I can only provide a bill of sale.


Tank: Original good shape, small dent, needs original paint

Front Fender: Original, clean, good shape

Rear Fender: Original, dented and cracked up the middle, a little scratched but usable. Replacement light lense.

Side Cover: Missing. Why have so many of these side covers been lost?

Electrical: Mostly new wiring, new battery, original period voltage regulator. Original generator.

Frame: Original, straight, no modifications have been made. Some rust. Needs paint.

Suspension: Original, clean works well.

Tires: Original and in decent shape. I wouldn't ride on them, but they are cool. You can't get these tires anymore.

Rims: Original, ok shape. Some rust.

Exhaust: Original, complete, no holes, few dents, semi polished.

Seat: Original, small rips. Not perfect but decent for age.

Engine: Original case, never opened. Holds oil well, runs great. Currently using an Amal 930 carburetor. Original carb is missing parts.

Controls: Aftermarket throttle, levers, switches. Some parts remain from the original controls